Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reporting on the Reporters: Facebook and the journalists

Innovation Journalism Vol.8 No.2  May 17 2011.

Ronald K. Raymond and Yixin Lu


This article addresses results of a pilot study on the use of Facebook by journalists. The goal of the project was to acquire information about how journalists use Facebook and whether the results coincide with expectations. A secondary ethical issue reviewed in this study was whether or not journalists are concerned with maintaining professional distance on a social networking website. Uses and gratifications theory suggested the expectations of journalists are largely met on the social networking site. Social and business issues intertwine, with journalists generally split over ethical concerns. This pilot study introduces the subject and could be used as a foundation for further research.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Dimensions of Trust – Building Confidence through Innovation Communication

Innovation Journalism Vol 8(1) May 3 2011
Bettina Maisch, Jochen Binder, Beat Schmid, and Larry Leifer


The aspect of trust is critical to the success of the communication of innovations, particularly in the context of the introduction of a new product. Due to the characteristics of innovations – especially those with a high degree of innovation – the target groups often view them with uncertainty or even fear. Since negative feelings have a stronger effect than the desire and interest in the new, (potential) customers are often reserved or even rejectful of the innovation. In order to help alleviate uncertainties and to build trust, companies must communicate their innovation to the target group by means of targeted trust communication. This study examines the aspect of trust using user participation in Web 2.0 innovation communication in the concrete example of the introduction of the hybrid vehicle Chevrolet Volt on the private social networking platform, Facebook. The results of the study allows the identification of four different levels of communication of trust: the level of relationship or communication, of the innovation, of the company and of the innovative product.