Thursday, December 9, 2010

Innovation Communication in Virtual Worlds: A Multiple Case Study Analysis in Second Life

Innovation Journalism Vol. 7 No. 9,  29 Nov 2010
By Bettina Maisch and Katrin Tobies

Innovations help to ensure a company’s success if they are communicated appropriately in their innovation ecosystems. Virtual worlds offer interesting possibilities in this context. On the basis of a multiple case study analysis, this paper examines the fields of use, the potential and the limits of innovation communication in the virtual sphere. The area of study was the 3D online world “Second Life”. It is characterized by its high profile, a realistic design and far-reaching business opportunities and has, moreover, already provided first examples of how companies have used such online communication in innovation management processes. With the help of case studies of eight companies from different industry sectors, the potential for innovation communication available in virtual worlds will be illustrated: these include the identification of trends, the generation of ideas, marketing new products and positioning the organization behind these products as an innovator.


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